NanoGenMo 2022 - Day 2 - Story outline

To make generation as easy as possible I have chosen following structure for the story:

  • Fantasy travel story, with a group of people, going there (whatever it is)
  • Generate some place names, environments, terrain, heroes, and come up with a system to generate events along the way
  • Trip is one way, after the journey, the group is a different place, probably lost some members and solved something

Putting this to a prompt for GPT-3 I came up with "Synopsis of a fantasy novel of a group of heroes travelling through a fantasy land where they meet many challenges, unexpected friends and dangerous foes."

With that prompt GPT-3 generated us:

The Questing Heroes are a band of adventurers who travel through the fantastical land of Evoria, encountering many challenges along the way. They make unlikely friends with some of the strange creatures they encounter, and battle dangerous foes in order to protect the innocent. Along the way, they discover ancient secrets and learn to work together in order to overcome the odds.

Day 3 plan is to create a tracery script to generate some more details about Evoria.